October 22, 2009

What's my line?

An Ersatz Physics Contest!
Come up with the best label for these axes. Don't be shy - I've only told about 10 people about this blog, so I'm not expecting a lot of entries.
Winner gets mentioned in the acknowledgments section of my next refereed publication.


  1. Give it a try! Example:

    Axis X = "Children of the Corn"
    X Range = [0..10]
    Axis Y = "Growth Rate of Corn Population (c/year)"

    Be brave. You don't have to give your real name.

  2. How about,

    Axis X ="Caffeine Consumption (mg)"
    X Range=[0..1000]
    Axis Y="Productivity (lines of code written/hour)"

    Note: a 1.5-2 oz Espresso=100 mg, so the X maximum is like doing 10 shots of the stuff.

    The scatter in the points is due to fluctuations in caffeine consumption rate, the jitters you get from too much caffeine, and the crash when it wears off, or something...

  3. Axis Y = "Worst Score Ever For"
    Axis X = "Death Race 2000"